Female driving instructors York

If you are looking for a female driving instructor in the beautiful city of York in Yorkshire, you will be presented with numerous choices, however it is essential that you research the options and choose an instructor who is graded according to the guidelines of the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) and who has obtained the relevant qualifications.


Driving instructors who belong to reputable schools are qualified to the highest levels and take their responsibility seriously, with the main aim being to ensure that their pupils are suitably experienced and sufficiently confident before attempting any tests. Many potential students will decide to undertake an intensive course so that they can learn quickly and pass their driving theory and practical tests as soon as possible – just another reason to ensure that your chosen instructor is fully qualified.


What are Intensive Driving Courses?

Intensive courses can be taken for a range of reasons, whether you need to start your lessons from scratch, you want to review your skills, or for example you’d like to pass your licence in a short space of time.

Female driving instructors York

There is a large volume of information to assimilate during an intensive course so some people will find that this route does not work for them. In addition, time needs to be allocated in advance because the lessons will be packed into around one week, with the maximum number of hours receiving instruction usually being set at five per day.


The average number of lessons it takes to pass a driving test is usually around 30, however some people will do it in as little as 20 and some will do it in as many as 60. It will depend on personal aptitude but could also be dependent on budget as some students find they need to take their lessons spaced further apart due to the cost involved and therefore may require more time at the start of each lesson to recap the previous lesson, thereby extending the amount of time being spent engaged in tuition.



Female Driving Instructors York

In the past, there have been more male driving instructors than females, though this has been changing and more choice is now available. It can be somewhat difficult to locate a female instructor in the UK purely because there are fewer, nevertheless if your preference is for a female instructor, this should indeed be pursued given that learning to drive is an important milestone in one’s life and lessons will be that much more rewarding, carrying with them a higher chance of success if you are relaxed and consequently confident alongside your instructor.


There are several reasons why a choice is sometimes required and why some people may prefer female driving instructors York. Although it can sometimes be a sensitive subject regarding which gender is ‘better’ when it comes to choosing a teacher, many, rightly or wrongly, still accept the common belief that female drivers are more patient, as well as another widespread belief that female instructors are generally perfectionists. Of course, these are unqualified statements but the personal preference of the student is something that should definitely be noted.


Some students will feel significantly more at ease with a woman, for example, if they have particular religious beliefs or certain backgrounds, which will therefore mean that they feel safer in a car with a female, especially considering the duration of the course. So if your preference is for a female instructor, it is likely that you will get more out of your lessons than if you went with the alternative.


On the whole, your experience of learning to drive should be a joyful and exciting one, and if your first choice is a female instructor, for whatever reason, this should be respected because you will be less nervous, find it easier to build a rapport with your teacher, and overall, obtain the best outcome for your capital outlay.

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